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Genuine Reiki Usui
Natural Healing

Levels I, II, Master, Master-Teacher

Humankind wellness reiki course preston uk
Humankind wellness reiki course preston uk

Learning Reiki Usui

Come and learn Reiki Usui natural healing with Leila.  During stressful times Reiki is the perfect tool to help you relax and heal.

It is an important part of Reiki to spend time to heal yourself.  You will learn how perform self-healing treatments and how to heal others.  You will become a Qualified Reiki  Practitioner, so why rely on others when you can give yourself this wonderful gift.

You will experience  genuine live Reiki Attunements, beautiful meditations, self-healing and healing another person.

The courses includes professional course notes and certificate and is held over two consecutive half-days.  

Leila is a Master-teacher and can teach all levels 1,2,3 (Master Practitioner) and Master Teacher. Both San & Leila are 11th generation active practitioners in the Usui lineage.

What Is Reiki Usui?

Reiki is a system of natural healing where the participant remains clothed or covered.  It is a wonderful way to promote health and well-being for the body, mind and spirit.

The Reiki practitioner places their hands gently over various parts of the body.  The participant may feel sensations of heat or cold at these places during the treatment, or may feel an emotional release or other experiences.

It is not  a massage and no oils are used during the treatment and is not chakra balancing with crystals, or drumming.  Nothing external to the practitioner's own hands are used.
Usui Reiki is an ideal non-invasive healing modality for a wide variety of conditions whether physical pain or emotional conditions.

Usui Reiki was first discovered by Dr. Usui of Japan and passed down in it's purest form, of which Leila is a genuine Usui 11th generation Master Teacher and San is 11th generation Master Practitioner. 

Humankind wellness reiki course preston uk

Dr. Mikao Usui

Course Details

Learn how to give Reiki treatments for self healing, friends and loved ones, or as a practitioner, from a certified Usui Master Teacher.  

Experience a Reiki treatment, meditation and relaxation techniques and allow your worries and everyday stresses to melt away.



Level 1 Course


- £140 (includes high quality printed and bound course notes & printed certificate).

Level 2 Practitioner Course

- £245 (includes high quality printed and bound course notes & printed certificate).



Level 3 Master Practitioner Course

- £345 (includes high quality printed and bound course notes & printed certificate).


Reiki courses are held over 2 half-days.

Audio Reiki position guidance, laminated position guide card and high quality

audio reiki timing music are available seperately.


Become a Master Teacher

If you are a level three Reiki Master Practitioner,  why not experience our wonderful teacher training and make healing your career.  

These  Reiki Usui Teacher courses are organised on an individual basis, please contact us for more information.

The course includes genuine Usui Lineage Certification and detailed professional course notes.

Please note you must have completed Reiki Usui levels 1, 2 and 3 with adequate genuine Usui certification and be currently practicing to enrol for this course.

Please contact us for prices and availability.

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Humankind wellness reiki course preston uk

Leila is a Genuine 11th Generation Reiki Usui Shiki Ryoho & Jin Kei Do Master Teacher.Honouring the Lineage of the Reiki Masters.

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